Are you overwhelmed too?

I’d been overwhelmed with all the news, webinars, and online courses offered on social media. I’d even taken advantage of some of them. What’s more, I’d been working really hard on my blogs. Yeah, I must be crazy to run 3 blogs at the same time, record podcasts and shoot videos!

So as you can imagine, at some point my head was about to explode. At the end of this week, one of my clients looked closely at me and noted: “Agata! Where’s your contagious energy? You seem deflated. You need to stop helping other people and take a good care of yourself!” She was soooo damn right.

Don’t we all need to halt for a sec, indulge ourselves and take some good rest without guilt trips?  

Well, It’s Easter time. Let’s pray for more hope and strength for all of us. Let’s spoil ourselves with innocent idleness, a clear mind and thankful love toward us.

Happy Easter!

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