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Hi! I'm Agata and I would love to help you find your own WAY and live it to the full!

I'm a certified business and life coach, trainer, the John Maxwell Team MasterMind facilitator, and a motivational speaker. Using my very own WAY, I've created this special, friendly, and inspiring space for you so that you can discover your unique strength and use it in full swing.

Anyways, welcome to my zone! Make yourself at home!

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let me help you find your own way to grow and speak English!

How exactly can I support you? 👇

Would you like to work on your communication and public speaking skills, leadership, team-building or simply self-development?

You may consider the following options:

* Our exclusive LC MasterMind™ classes where we cover The John Maxwell Team educational programs on communication, personal development, and leadership;

* Individual or group public speaking coaching; 

* Workshops based on FRIS® methodology that will help you hone your communication skills, find your strength zone or career path. 

Follow the events calendar so that you don't miss any events.

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How can you benefit from LC MasterMind™ classes?

For ten weeks you cover one of The John Maxwell Team's educational programs on communication, personal development or leadership. Additionally, if there's a group of non-native English speakers, you may also brush up on your spoken English in a super nice and friendly atmosphere. Thus you work on your personal growth, interpersonal competences, and soft skills as well as on the English language skills. This way you have one-of-a-kind opportunity to expand your vocabulary and become a more confident English speaker.

Online weekly meetings help you grow in a safe environment. Not only do you plan you goals, growth, progress, but you also challenge  and motivate other group members. During the classes we share our experiences and that seems a particularly valuable asset to all these meetings. 

Every theme consists of 10 intensive meetings/weeks.

What themes, topics can you choose from?

  • Everyone communicates, few connect (👉 best seller - and absolute "must-have" when it comes to effective communication one-on-one, in a group, on stage)

  • 15 invaluable laws of growth (👉 best seller - an absolute "must-have" for everyone who wants to get ahead in life and business!)

  • Leadership gold (for leaders, managers)

  • Put your dreams to the test (for all those who want to make their dreams happen)

  • Today matters (for those who want to form positive habits and achieve goals on a daily basis)

At the end of the whole cycle you'll be handed a special certificate. 

* Check out the events calendar and book your seat.

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How can you become a better English speaker?

I may not have mentioned that yet. I am an educator for over twenty years.  I have spent most of my life learning (and teaching) foreign languages and techniques to become a more efficient, effective, and successful speaker. I combine experience, empathy, and innovative techniques to provide you with top class language services. 

My suggestions:

* Check out language courses based on The Agata’s Way Method™. Play with the quiz below.

* Ask me for job interview preparation. 

* Join our growth and language club.

* Book an online appointment/consultation  here.



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Are you looking for you own way? Are you trying to figure out what you would like to do in your life? 

Sign up for individual or group coaching sessions if you want to change/ improve something in your personal or business life. Not only will coaching sessions help you understand yourself better, but they will also assist you in implementing changes in your daily routine.

My suggestion:

* Email me or book your first session here.

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Get inspired!

Are you looking for tips, inspiration or a supportive community?

My suggestions:

* Subscribe to Agata's newsletter;

* Follow my brand-new blog and podcasts;

* Find me on social media.

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agata’s way™


Agata’s Way (To Grow)™ presents an innovative and hollistic approach to education, personal development, and simply to another man. This special place buzzes with positive vibes, warm-hearted and ambitious people who just like to set higher standards for themselves.


You won't find tedious, dull and boring ebooks or pdfs here. Emerge and indulge yourself in an interactive and engaging world mixed with thoroughly thoughtout programs selected just for you.


I've accompanied hundreds of my clients so far. I've been honored to witness their journey and progress on the way.

See for yourself: follow me on social media, email me, book an appointment or check out some of my clients' testimonials below.


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