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#08 How do we give effective feedback

10 March 2022

Learn 4 easy steps to give feedback.

Before you listen to the podcast, look up the expressions below 🙂

In a nutshell, COIN stands for:

C for context - before we give feedback we need to refer to a certain issue or event. 

O for observation - we should state the facts only and be very specific about what has happened.

I for impact - we’re obliged to say how the described by us situation influences others.

N for next steps - here we should mutually agree on further steps - what to do next to be more successful. 

Do you have your own model or rules you stick to? 

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BTW I've just found my old video about giving feedback. It looks like I do like this topic a lot ?

?? And for Polish speakers ?? ⬇️

Feedback w wersji Polish 🙂