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The best gift

30 December 2021

I can't even tell you how happy I am to go ahead with another attempt at blogging here, on Agata's Way™. I do hope this time my presence here will last much longer than a short year. Any kind of verbal encouragement on your side is most welcome too ?

Frankly, I was just about to do some sort of research on a completely new topic when I realized that "Hey! I still have a lot of old goodies in my "Christmas sack" that have never seen the light of the day ..." So, I thought to myself: "Why not dig deeper first and fish out something that may come in handy for at least some of you?"

As a result of my divagation, the first thing I came across in depths of my social media content was that video below.

Again, I must make a confession to you. I watched it holding my breath in fear. "What am I gonna see there?" How badly will that video embarrass me?" - I wondered.

After almost four minutes of uncertainty I may just say that we're taking ourselves too seriously. And that may be our big obstacle on the way to our smaller and greater successes. Just some food for thought 😉

Anyways, hope this short video won't confound you. And as my gift to you, I've added some language quizzes for the English language lovers.



This quiz below is dedicated to all language freaks whose English isn't their native tongue. ?

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