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#06 How to make small talk in a business setting

24 February 2022

Some people think small talk is unimportant.

Those who are aware of its power, feel rather uncomfortable talking to others about trivial things.

However, small talk doesn't necessarily touch trite topics. And this skill is totally learnable. I speak from my experience!

If you learn to master small talk, then you can use it to improve your life in countless ways. 

For instance, small talk may help you: 

- nail your job interview,

- get a new promotion at work,

- network with fascinating people,

- meet a new romantic partner,

- avoid feeling awkward at social events and many, many more.

In other words, small talk may lead to BIG TALK. Look at our politicians behind the scenes 😉

So, if you want to find out more about how to get ready and run a casual conversation with no stress, listen to my today's episode.

But before you dive into the episode, look up our today's vocabulary.

Here's also a list of the questions I've mentioned in the podcast.

And if you'd like to read more on that topic in Polish, check out my old resources that I've just found out.

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