How to find your hidden potential

How to find your hidden potential. Because obviously we all have it. If you yearn for something more in all realms of your life, unlock your potential by learning more about yourself. That’s my message for all of us today. 

But yeah, easier said than done. How to do that? Right? But  I’m gonna give you this idea on how to find your hidden potential in this short video. And I can’t even tell you how much I love this topic. When I first learned about it, it was an eye-opener and a game-changer to me. It was so revealing and transformative!

It was a few years ago when my friend told me about this training session for couples. So I bought tickets and I  took my then husband-to-be with me. Five minutes later after the session started I was astonished by what I was discovering about myself, my partner, and my family members. Fifteen minutes later I was like: Oh my Gosh, I’ve been yearning for being such a trainer and sharing this interesting stuff with others for ages.  I wanna run such sessions myself! 

So here I am! Hi my name’s Agata Gorzelana-Weinstok and I’m a certified FRIS® Thinking style trainer ☺️

And today we’re gonna talk about how to tap into our potential.

See, the problem is that we don’t often realize that what is natural to us is actually our superpower which not everybody has.

I’d love to show you people’s four ways of thinking based on Thinking style. According to Wikipedia: Cognitive style or thinking style is a concept used in cognitive psychology to describe the way individuals think, perceive and remember information. 

Thanks to Thinking Style we can understand how we and others perceive the world, solve problems, make decisions, communicate, build relationships etc. 

So without any further ado,  let’s dive in and go over these four styles in brief

Sprinter – is a dynamic goal-achiever. People diagnosed with this Thinking style are usually: goal-oriented, straightforward, decisive, unsentimental, objective, rational, focused, effective, practical. Their natural potential? They may be hard on others, but the world wouldn’t have got ahead without them. They push us to do things even though we may not like them sometimes. They’re extremely strong by nature. 

Partner – a walking empath. These people are extremely intuitive, emotional,  friendly, sociable, tactful, communicative, supportive, and understanding.

Their natural potential? Their empathy may be taken as a sort of weakness by others or even themselves. In fact, it’s their biggest superpower to understand people better in order to build and bond strong relationships, satisfy their clients’ needs or serve others as teachers, psychologists, nurses etc.

Visionary – a hyper idea-generator. This Style is usually imaginative, creative, spontaneous, unconventional. Their natural potential? They may be perceived as chaotic, forgetful, absent-minded. However, if it weren’t for them, our technology or progress as such wouldn’t go that far. Appreciate them. They’ll have the best and bold ideas on our team to get ahead with things.

Thinker – an analytical machine. This Style is perceived as analytical, well-organized, composed, accurate, sober-minded, and patient. Some people may complain about their frequently asked questions or their slow decision-making process. However, it’s Thinkers who are invaluable in the process of collecting and analyzing data. They will be the most objective observer on your team.

It’s really important to live in accordance with our Style or at least to be aware of our natural resources. Therefore, we can easily apply this knowledge about ourselves technically in all realms of our life. We can reach our potential using our inherent abilities, for instance ability to strive for more, to read people’s moods, to produce a countless number of ideas and concepts, to pay attention to all-important details.

Ask yourself how you can take advantage of your natural resources.

This topic is so vast that I’m definitely going to go back to it and talk about it more in depth. It’s often hard to diagnose ourselves too, so that’s why we provide a psychometric questionnaire, using FRIS® Style diagnosis that describes your natural way of thinking and behavior. If you’re interested in workshops or questionnaires, let me know. I’m at your disposal.

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For Polish readers:

And key expressions:

To yearn for something = to long for something or desire

in all realms of your life = in all areas of your life

Eye-opener = something surprising and revealing

Game-changer = something that changes an existing situation

Husband-to-be = fiance

Astonished = very surprised

To tap into = to find something and explore it; to use or take advantage of something,

To perceive = to see and understand

To dive in = to start doing something enthusiastically

To go over = to review, to check something

In brief = in short

An empath = an empathetic person

Absent-minded = lost in thoughts, forgetful

Invaluable = extremely useful

All-important = extremely important

Inherent = belonging by nature or habit

To take advantage of = to use something

Vast = extremely big

See you next time!


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