It wasn’t supposed to be like that!

Today I was supposed to be in Orlando, in Florida.

I was supposed to attend this huge international John Maxwell Team conference for trainers, speakers, coaches.

I was supposed to broadcast my videos for you from there.

I was supposed to start amazing masterMind programs on our dreams and goals.

I was supposed to meet my long last friends: Amber, Rocky and Anna.

I was supposed to …

Yeah. Whatever! It all doesn’t matter now. We all know what’s going on in the entire world at this moment. This stupid coronavirus rules!

So we can either dwell on ourselves and our „I was supposed to” or we can pull ourselves together. And what do I mean by that ?

Count to 10, ok count to a  hundred, change your plans accordingly and … keep going!

Anyway, welcome to my zone, welcome to where we can all inspire, motivate one another and stay proactive!

See u in a bit!

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