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Hello there!

How can I help you?

My name’s Agata and I’m a certified business trainer, coach, and an educator for over twenty years. I have spent most of my life learning (and teaching) foreign languages and techniques to become a more efficient, effective, and successful speaker. I have also been working on my better self very intensively for all these years. I believe self-development has literally changed my entire business and life (for so much better).

And now I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you! I would be more than happy to assist you and help you gain more interpersonal as well as language competences!

Therefore I have dedicated this special zone to (particularly non-native) English speakers who are eager to work both on their English and on their perpetual growth, personal development.

You’re more than welcome to join our community


  • * you’re interested in personal growth and you’re a/an (non-native) English speaker,
  • * you’d like to hone your soft skills (within communication, public speaking, leadership, team-building, self-development),
  • * you want to understand English content found on YT channels, books, articles, podcast etc. and start applying it more consciously,
  • * you’re a business trainer who wants to run workshops in English,
  • * you’re a business owner, manager, leader in an international organization,
  • * you just want to hang out in nice company 😉 ,

you won’t find a better place to grow and hone your leadership/communication skills and brush up on your English simultaneously!

How exactly can you grow with me?

1. Subscribe to YouTube channel Agata’s Way to Grow in order to get some fresh ideas and language content. Click the button —>

2. You’re also more than welcome to sign up for more educational worksheets and materials here. Click the button below —>

3. Or follow me on Instagram in order to stay regularly inspired —>

4. Join our exclusive LC MasterMind classes™ where we cover one of a kind John Maxwell Team’s educational programs on communication, personal development, and leadership. What’s more, we also brush up on our spoken English in a super nice and friendly atmosphere. This way we work on our personal growth, interpersonal competences, soft skills as well as on the English language skills.

Online weekly meetings help you grow in a safe environment. Not only do we plan our goals, growth, progress, but we also challenge and motivate each other. We share our experiences and that seems the greatest asset to all these meetings. Additionally, we have a great opportunity to expand our vocabulary and become confident English speakers.

Every theme consists of 10 intensive meetings/weeks.

What themes, topics can you pick?

  • * Everyone communicates, few connect (👉 best seller – and absolute “must-have” when it comes to effective communication one-on-one, in a group, on stage)
  • * 15 invaluable laws of growth (👉 best seller – an absolute “must-have” for everyone who wants to get ahead in life and business!)
  • * Leadership gold (for leaders, managers)
  • * Put your dreams to the test (for all those who want to make their dreams happen)
  • * Becoming a Person of Influence (for those who want to positively impact other people)

There are more topics and options coming soon!

Polish speakers may learn more about this fantastic idea here —> click —>

5. Sign up for individual coaching sessions if you want to change or improve something in your personal or business life. Not only will coaching sessions help you understand yourself better, but they also will assist you in implementing changes in your daily routine.

6. And finally, take advantage of valuable courses and services I’m offering on this brand-new platform. More stuff is coming!


JUST SAY YES TO YOU and Agata’s Way*:

  • * to learn (via fun online classes and courses)
  • * to grow (via LC MasterMind classes ™, workshops,)
  • * to change (thanks to coaching sessions)

Hope to see you soon 🙂



PS Seriously? I can’t wait to meet you in person or online!

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