What is your dream?

This weekend was awesome as I had a privilege to participate in a huge event – International Maxwell Certification. I was supposed to get certified in Orlando this March, but covid-19 had a different plan for us. Therefore,  over 5000 people from 150 countries went online and met on a special platform. There were networking events, virtual stands, workshops, lectures and many, many more. I couldn’t actually believe you can experience so much and so intesively just by participating in an online event. I was truly pumped. The whole event lasted a few days. I received my official certification as a Coach, Speaker, and Trainer on the John Maxwell Team.  As a part of certification, every participant had to make a short speech about their story. Mine went like this (you’ll find my speech in the middle of the recording):

I’m so full of energy, ideas, and afterthoughts right now that I’m also going to share my highlights, takeaways, and insights with you in further videos.

Meanwhile I’d like to ask you a question: Do you have a dream? Some people after they watched my video said to me regretfully: “But I don’t have a dream! What is my dream? 🙁 “

I say: We all have dreams, but we sometimes so doubt them that we discard them the moment they pop into our heads.

I can help you find them and verbalize in coaching sessions or … you may join our LC MasterMind classes ™ and the series: Put your dream to the test based on the John Maxwell Team program where you will:

  • ask yourself crucial questions,
  • work out your own strategy,
  • challenge yourself,
  • get support from me and a positive, encouraging, and supportive community,
  • make friends with friendly, ambitious, thoughtful, like-minded peeps,
  • brush up on your English! And no, don’t dare to worry about your spoken English! I promise you’ll handle this part with no problem!!!

So what do you say?

Will you say yes to your dream?

Just leave a comment here, email me at info@agatasway.com or subscribe to my newsletter https://www.subscribepage.com/agatasway

And if you can’t join us for some reason, I highly recommend you this book: Put your dream to the test by John C. Mawell. It’s a must-have which will make a difference in your life.

Today’s vocab:

pumped = excited

peeps = people

Until next time!


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