Why is experience not everything?

Do you feel like you’re sometimes stuck in your life? You want to change something, move forward, but in fact, you’re not sure how or what exactly you should do about it. Or maybe you even had some attempts to make some life/business alterations, but you quickly gave up on your somewhat faint ideas.

Does that feel like you?

It seems my whole life looked like that. I so badly wanted to do something meaningful for me, my beloved ones and the entire world.

Yet, I kept failing. I literally felt incapable of leading my life the way I wanted to. It felt helpless so to speak. Then I started to go over a special mentoring program for future coaches, trainers, speakers. And I did realize my two major mistakes: I hadn’t evaluated my activities on a daily basis and I hadn’t acted when needed. I had been in a habit of waiting to be ready 100%. As you may all guess, you’re next to never 100% ready to perform!

So, I began my turnaround plan. First, I needed to form a sort of a habit. Therefore, initially I was setting my alarm clock in the evening in order to spend 10 minutes on writing down the things I’ve done. Then I would take down my conclusions right next to my enumerated things. To my surprise, after a while I started to catch myself evaluating my acts on the fly too. 

It also turned out that after my evaluation-kind-of-ritual, I was more ready and eager to implement my insights. And it started to work! My pessimistic perception concerning my capabilities started to change. Now, I finally feel like I’m capable of doing more and better. And this feeling is so liberating, even now – during the pandemic times. 

How do these ideas resonate with you?

Well, just some food for thought.

Don’t miss this quick video with some quotations and a few steps to follow.

And for non English native speakers, I’ve edited the video with some language tips. Hope, they’ll turn out to be useful for y’all.

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Take good care of yourself!



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