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#09 How can we keep our resolutions?

17 March 2022

How can we keep our resolutions? And how can we take up something new and stick to it?

Thank you so much for dropping by here.

This episode may be particularly helpful for

a) those who give up on things for no apparent reason and often call themselves “quitters” ,

b) those who wanna learn a foreign language from scratch or after a long break ,

c) those who wanna take up something new, like a hobby or a habit.

Are you ready?

Great! But first, look up today's expressions.

Now, listen to the podcast.

And finally, here's a list of questions that you may find helpful while taking up a new activity or habit and trying to stick to your resolutions.

And if you'd like to get today's script, click here.

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PS And if you'd like to listen to the extended version of this episode in Polish .... just click here and listen to Inspiratorka 🙂

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