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10 July 2022
How about a little summer language challenge?
It's a totally spontaneous decision and move on my side. So, it's going to be [...]
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16 June 2022
Funny moments with Johnny Depp in court
I can't believe it, but I actually got engaged in that trial. And when it comes [...]
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17 March 2022
#09 How can we keep our resolutions?
How can we keep our resolutions? And how can we take up something new and stick [...]
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17 February 2022
#05 How to be more assertive?
Are you assertive? Or do you have a problem saying no to people? I do! I've [...]
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14 February 2022
Valentine's Day lesson!
Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you'll enjoy this short Valentine's Day lesson! [...]
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27 January 2022
#02 What idioms should I learn to improve my English?
Hi!  I’ve recently read this question in a facebook group chat:  [...]
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26 January 2022
#01 How to maximize our potential to grow and/or learn English?
Hi there! This topic may sound a bit corny to you, but I’ll take a risk and [...]
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